DfD Advisory Services offer both public and private courses for organisations that require Air Cargo Security Training to comply with legislation. The content of these courses makes it necessary for us to request certain information to substantiate the credentials and identity of prospective trainees.

Trainees who successfully complete any of our Air Cargo Security Courses will receive a certificate and when requested a photo ID Badge; this can either be a Training badge or a Company ID and there is no cost unless information is required on the reverse side of the badge. These badges are valid for 2 years; all cargo training must be refreshed every two years (mandatory requirement).

DfD Advisory Services also offer the opportunity for individuals to register with the "Past Card Scheme"; an ID badge connected to a secure web based system that permits the training and identity of registered individuals' to be confirmed instantly. The cost for the card is £7.50 and is valid for 2 years.

The Air Cargo Security Training Courses provided by DfD Advisory Services are: -

Level "A" - General Awareness; Half Day Course available In-House or Public.

The basic foundation course for all Regulated Agent staff that do not physically handle air cargo; but have access to facilities where they are being prepared or stored. Access control and Cargo Protection is also included within this course. The course is also suitable for Known Consignors personnel where they would prefer a more formal qualification.

Cost is £55 per person

Level "B" - Drivers of Vehicles; Half Day Course available In-House or Public.

The course contains all elements of the Level "A" course with the additional module specific to drivers who transport Air Cargo by road. As well as drivers the course would be appropriate for staff involved with route planning and Transport Controllers and Mangers.

Cost is £60 per person

Please note that there is confusion regarding the training requirements for Drivers with the possibility that certain drivers may require Level "D". It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that staff has the correct level of training. Please contact DfD Advisory Services to discuss.

Level "D" - Handling and Preparation of Air Cargo; One Day Course available In-House or Public.

This course content includes modules from Level "A/B" plus three further modules associated with the physical handling and preparatory work required performed by personnel working for an airline or within the premises of a Regulated Agent.

Cost is £120 per person

Level "E" - Screening of Air Cargo; One Day Course available In-House or Public.

This course is for personnel work for an airline or within a Regulated Agent and are involved in the actual screening process of air cargo. Modules from Levels "A/B" and D" are included as well as physical examination procedures. Please note that Module 7 (Using cargo x-ray equipment) is excluded from this course.

Cost is £140 per person

Level "F" - Security Supervisor; One and Half Day Course available In- House or Public.

This course is designed for staff employed within airlines or Regulated Agents who supervise personnel involved in the handling and screening of air cargo; they would also deputise for the Security Manager during their absence. The course includes modules from Levels "A/B, D & E" as well as the responsibilities that require to be undertaken by the Security Supervisor.

Cost is £210 per person

Level "G" - Security Manager; Two Day Course available for In-House or Public.

Any individual fulfilling the role of Security Manager within an Airline or Regulated Agent must be in possession of a Valid Level "G" training certificate; it is also a legal requirement that these organisations must have a "Site Security Representative" at each of their regulated premises. The course is also mandatory for Air Cargo Security Trainers and Validators.

The course covers all modules contained in Levels "A/B, D, E, F"; plus information on the roles and responsibilities of a Security Manager with some participation exercises.

Cost is £300 per person.

Upgrading Level "B" to Level "D" A half day Course available In-House or Public.

For organisations who already have Level "B" training but now require this upgraded to Level "D", we offer a half day course which will provide the additional data necessary for an upgraded certificate to be issued. However, please note that any subsequent certificate or badge issued in respect of the training upgrade will continue to display the original expiry date.

Cost is £60 per person

Refresher Training

Air Cargo Security must be refreshed every 2 years and DfT have already indicated that no individual should be permitted near any air cargo when their training has expired. Level "A/B" will remain in its current format of a half day course; the DfT are currently reviewing what elements of the syllabus should be included for the remainder. However, it is envisaged that for levels "D" and "E" this would be a half day course costing £70 per person and for Levels "F" and "G" a full day course at a cost of £100 per person.

As and when further details become available they will be added to the website.